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Window Gluing Machine Manufacturers

We, as window gluing machine manufacturers, are one of the top businesses in China that specializes in window machinery used to manufacture aluminum PVC and UPVC windows and doors. Including door and window glue machine, corner cleaning and end milling machines, and aluminum profile cutting saws, Sinon has more than ten years of experience designing window and door manufacturing equipment for PVC windows & doors.

However, as window gluing machine manufacturers, we continuously update and develop the window machine and manufacturing equipment for door and window glue machine and aluminum windows and doors by market demands by utilizing the most recent innovations discovered for this field of work. The firm offers a variety of uPVC and aluminum window machine types that are specifically designed to ensure a dependable and seamless window production experience.

Reliable Door and Window Glue Machine

All of our door and window glue machine goods include every client in mind. Additionally, we offer personalized services. We, as window gluing machine manufacturers, make an effort to tailor the items to the various demands of each visitor.

Inquiry: Clients provide information about the required compliance standards, life cycle, performance characteristics, and preferred form factor.

Design: To guarantee the greatest custom-designed goods to meet clients’ demands, the design team is there from the beginning of a project.
Quality Management: We uphold an efficient and successful Quality Management System to provide high-quality structures.


How should a glue machine be cleaned?
A glue machine’s cleaning process usually consists of flushing it with a suitable solvent or cleaner to get rid of any leftover glue or buildup.
When does hot glue start to solidify?
Hot glue often solidifies in a matter of seconds to several minutes and contingent upon several elements.
What is the lifespan of a glue stick?
The amount of time a glue stick lasts depends on how do you use it. Generally speaking, it may be useful for several applications.