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Double-head end milling machine LXDST-250×2600


Equipment Features

machine is suitable for Windows and doors curtain wall profiles, more
than two end one-time root two end milling at the same time.

also be processed pieces of material, suitable for all kinds of profile
surface and step surface processing. Such as aluminum doors and
windows, forming cutting edge processing, decline, open rectangular slot

3)The device has advantages of similar products at home
and abroad, carefully developed by our company production of new models,
compact structure, can be realized in both stiles milling, and has high
production efficiency, convenient operation, large processing range and
other advantages.

Technical Parameters:

1,Power supply380V  50Hz   

2,Cutting motor power14KW

3,Motor rotary speed2800r/min  

4,Operation air pressure0.5-0.8MPa

5,Motor main shaft diameter:φ32mm

6,Diameter of milling cutter:φ250mm

7,Width of the milling cutter can be installed: 90

8,Maximum milling size: 2600mm

9,Contour dimension1600×1980×4000 mm