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Double head precision cutting saw LJZ2-500×4200


Equipment feature  

■Used for aluminum profile and curtain wall profile cutting. 

■Imported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance. 

■Imported linear bearing motion pair ensured steady processing accuracy. 

■Large processing range. 

■Saw blade rotate smoothly due high accuracy main spindle. 

■Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion due to airdraulic damping cylinder. 

■Auto-induction middle profile supporter and folowing profile supporter made the loading and clamping convenient. 

■Adopts imported linear guide pair.with high accuracy and long service life. 

Technical parameter: 

1) Power supply: 380V, 50Hz 

2) Main motor power: 2.2kW x 2 

3) Saw blade diameter: Φ500mm 

4) Max. cutting length: 4,200mm 

5) Cutting angle: 22.5°-45°-90° 

6) Working air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa 

7) Weight: 1,800kg

 Processing  accuracy  

■Repeat locating length ≤0.1mm 

■Cutting angle allowance ±5′ 

■Cutting profile surface planeness ≤0.10mm 

■Cutting profile surface roughness Ra12.5μm