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Full-automatic Gluing Machine for Doors and Windows


The full-automatic door and window
gluing machine is used for sealing and gluing finished glass and
material frames of doors and windows. The imported PLC control system
can automatically rotate or manually rotate and replace the glue gun
nozzle with the function of arbitrarily adjusting the angle. The roller
made of soft material has high scratch resistance and friction and is
easy to push and pull. The glue nozzle is of special structural design
and is suitable for all kinds of door and window frames for easy
cleaning. The full-color man-machine interface inputs parameters, is
easy to operate, fully automatically senses the size of doors and
windows, does not need professional gluing personnel, is easy to
operate, and improves gluing quality and production efficiency.

Total power: 5.1 kW

Operating voltage: 220 V

Operating pressure: 0.3-0.4 MPa

Machine dimensions: 3000mm× 2150mm× 1500mm

Processing range: 2700mm× 1450mm