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High Speed 4 axis CNC Processing Center

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Equipment Features 

1, this machine is designed for processing launder, taping, milling and mounting hole,lock hole and other slots for diversified curtain walls and aluminium doors and windows   

2,it adopts high speed electric principal axis,which is imported from Italy, it is extremely efficient and can swing in ±90°   

3,it adopts high quality computer control system, which is used in industry area specially. The system has favorable user manipulate interface program in graphics mode and processing interface. This processing interface can show related dates directly.  

4 it adopts high quality servo-motor, roller linear guide pair to insure the machine runs with high precision.   

5, the cutter storage supply 6+1 cutter positions, the cutter can change quickly and automatically.   

6,with all close safeguard device to insure the personal safety of the operator.   

Main Specification and technical Parameter   

1, X –way range               6500mm 

2, Y- way range                550mm 

3, Z-way range                 550mm 

4, X- way speed              0-60m/min 

5, Y-way speed               0-30m/min 

6, Z-way speed               0-20m/min 

7,Main shaft rev./power        0-18000rpm/5.5kw 

8,Gyrating range                           -90°—-+90° 

9,cutter magazine                         ISO30 6+1 cutter positions, cutters auto-change is available in the program 

10,cutter max length            165mm 

11,saw blade diameter           Ф150mm 

12,pneumatic pressure           0.5-0.8Mpa 

13,power supply                380V  50Hz 

14,total power                  10KW 

15,clamp station/range           2-400mm 

16, lubricating& clooking         auto lubricating&spray cooling 

17,work area(W×H×L)              180×180×6000mm 

18,Contour Dimention(W×H×L)      8600×2000×23000mm 

19,machine net weight            4500kg