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JT-03 butyl coating machine

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Features and specifications 

1, adopts the imported Hydraulic and Pneumatic super charging system

2, the entire machine system is more reasonable 

3, posses of unique butyl quantity alarm system 

4,adopts the 72-hours time delayed heating system and function 

5, much more humanism design, the entire machine operation table can be realized up and down automatically 

6,has specially counts the function   

main technique parameters 

1,power supply  220V 

2,Total power    2.0Kw 

3,temperature    100-140 ℃ 

4,adjustable range   6-20mm 

5,air pressure      0.5-0.8Mpa 

6,diameter of glue jar  5kg 

7,speed of the conveyor belt   15m/min 

8,dimention         3430*700*1250mm 

9,air consumption   60L/min 

10,weight          800kg