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LZJ06-120 Corner crimping Machine for Aluminum Door and window making machine


Equipment feature  

-Strngthened machine structure and rack to make it work more stable and low malfunctions.

-Auto up-down inner localization to make workpiece clamping convenient.

hydraulic station with big power and big crimping power,that can
process profile with big cross-section and big thickness.

-Special high speed hydraulic system to supply fast crimping and high efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Voltage   380V 50Hz

Rating power  3.0Kw

Rated pressure   20Mpa  

General pressure of corner combining   26~41.6KN

Capability of oil box   60L

Corner crimping casing movement journey   0-95mm             

Profile processing width  90mm 

Contour dimension  1150×1100×1300mm

Weight  about 534kg