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Multi head drilling machine LDZZ4-13

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Equipment feature 

mainly used for drilling holes of alu-windows doors and curtain walls profiles,especially for long profiles and mass production 

for less than 250x250mm cross-section profile, maximum length is  5000mm 

fit multi-drillers to meet the processing of multi-group holes ■feeding
system moves stablely due to the airdraulic system  Processing accuracy

processing hole size error ±0.3mm 

processing hole  position  error ≤0.3mm   

Technical Parameters:

1,power: three line, four wires 380V   50HZ 

2.moter power:0.75KW,  1400R/min. 

3, drilling hole diameter(max.):ф13mm 

4,max. distance for two drilling holes: 5000mm 

5,drill number:  4 

6,drills move distance(max.) back and forth:60mm 

7,min. distance between every group holes:325mm 

8,drills moving distance(max.) up and down:150mm 

9,worktable dimentions(L ×W):300×220mm 

10, dimentions:5700×900×2250mm 

11 weight:1700kg Link: