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Notching Saw

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Main purpose and applications

 It is a new type machine designed for aluminium curtain wall and lighting skylight processing industry. It has features of easy operation, reliable performance, advanced technique and convenient maintenance etc. The machine is mainly used for processing the aluminium curtain wall and lighting skylight profiles. The carbide saw blade ensured high processing accuracy and efficiency. The two saw heads can work simultaneously to achieve the processing of a special angle at the profile end surface. The two saw blades can swing freely at -45°–+45°. it adopts the magnetic grid ruler system digital display.  

 Equipment Feature  

1, This is the new machine type designed for the aluminium curtain –wall and lighting skylight processing with special angle at the profile end surface   

2, Equipped with magnetic ruler controlling system, realized cutting angle and worktable height digital display.   

3,convenient worktable and locating device adjustment, can achieve special end surface angle processing   

4,The two blades can swing freely at -45°–+45°.   

Technical Parameter   

1,power supply                            three-phase,four lines 380V 50Hz 

2,cutting motor power                      2×2.2KW 

3,Motor rotary speed                       2800r/min 

4,operation air pressure                     0.5-0.8Mpa 

5,air consumption                           60L/min 

6,saw blade swinging range                  -45°–+45° 

7,cutting depth(vertical and horizontal saw blade)         150mm 

8,cutter feeding speed                        stepless speed regulation 0-3m/min 

9,contour dimention(L×W×H)                  3140mm×1380mm×1800mm 

10,saw blade specification                     Ф500mm×4.4mm×30mm  Z=120 

11,weight                                     1500kg