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1, the main parts of ST02 is from America the well know brand Graco. 

2,the curative agent hydraulic pressure system have two sets of filtration devices, advance the uniformity and curative capability. 

3, the valve ports of the basic material pump, the curative agent pump and proportioning pump all adopt the special alloy with zero leakage. 

4, the rubber mixing system adopt the strip shaker with international static state to-and-from technology, and the imported mix mandril.   

Technical Parameters: 

1,mixed rate:1:1 

2,base bucket:200l 

3,curative agent bucket:20l 

4,max consumed air:0.8CBM/MIN. 

5,Rubber airpressure rate:50:1 

6,max squeezing pressure:29MPa 

7,air supply pressure:0.5-0.8MPa 


9, Weight:650kg